Established in 1971, the tradition of the Brentwood Art Center has always been the pursuit and achievement of high artistic standards. In fall of 2012, becoming a new non-profit organization, The Friends of the Brentwood Art Center is more dedicated than ever to an environment and curriculum that encourages self-expression, teaches traditional skills, reflects new and creative ideas, and is sensitive to the needs of the individual and to the dynamics of the group.
We believe that the learning process can be fun and stimulating for both student and instructor and that this philosophy creates an opportunity for each student to acquire fundamental skills as well as advanced concepts.
Our classes are small and individualized, and the optimum artistic development of each person is our ultimate goal. Our instructors are talented artists and educators who have a desire to inspire each student while focusing on the integration of process and product, concept and skill, and creativity and structure.
Our Mission
The mission of the Friends of the Brentwood Art Center it to operate an art school to provide high quality education and instruction in the fine arts to both children and adults of all levels, to conduct outreach programs in arts education, and to otherwise promote and foster arts education in the community.
General Information
The Brentwood Art Center provides year-around art instruction for adults, teens and children. During the Summer semester and Winter Break, we also offer Fine Art Day Camps for children ages 5-13 years.
Over the years, our students have been met with great success when presenting their portfolios to universities and art schools throughout the country. Many educational institutions have granted credit in their degree programs to students who have completed courses at the Brentwood Art Center. Those wishing to obtain degree credit for their studies are asked to get approval for such an arrangement from their dean, registrar, faculty advisor or other official at their home institution.