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Brentwood Art Center Back In Action

Almost one year ago, the Brentwood Art Center, its staff and its students were staring down the very real possibility that the school, a bastion of the Santa Monica art community…Read the Article


Brentwood Art Center Reclaimed by Community, Starts Anew
The 40-year-old school, considered a treasure by many in West Los Angeles, signs a three-year lease under a new organizational structure. “There’s nothing like it in L.A.,” says a Santa Monica resident….Read the Article


Brentwood Art Center Becomes a Non-Profit
After 42 years as a well known arts haven at the corner of Montana Avenue and 26th Street, Brentwood Art Center is now being governed but the nonprofit Friends of the Brentwood Art Center, dedicated to serving the local art-loving community…Read the Article



Brentwood Art Center Re-Opens
An art school on the verge of closure just a month ago opened its doors Monday for a successful first day of class, according to a member of its board….Read the Article


You can read about the Brentwood Art Center’s Outreach program here!