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All instructed workshops include supplies in the registration fee, unless otherwise noted.

Artist Masterclasses are free but attendees must reserve their seat online.

Uninstructed workshops are $15 per session and students must bring their own supplies.

Enroll online on our registration page or by calling us at (310) 451-5657!



August 10 – Collage: Picasso & Braque

August 13 – Pastel: Animal Portrait

August 14 – Watercolor: Fun Florals

August 21 – Watercolor: Marina Boat Seascape


Tuesdays & Wednesdays – Uninstructed Figure Workshops

Collage: Picasso & Braque
Melissa Dyanne
Saturday August 10: 2:00-5:00pm
In this workshop, students will study Picasso and Braque’s collage techniques and how they were developed. Each workshop attendee will create a large drawing from a still life, cut it up, and then reassemble it to create a unique abstract collage. using charcoal and ink.

They will then cut up the drawing and put it back together in a more abstract way, incorporating collage materials such as magazines, newspaper, colored foil and tissue paper, etc… the sky’s the limit!

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Pastel: Animal Portrait
Sophia Pezeshk
Tuesday August 13: 6:00-9:00pm
Using pastel, portray the personality of your pet as you learn techniques for depicting animal features such as fur, eyes, ears, noses, and expression!

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Watercolor: Fun Florals
Timothy Kitz
Wednesday August 14: 6:00-9:00pm
This workshop will explore the painting process as you create a successful artwork of a floral arrangement.

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Watercolor: Marina Boat Seascape
Timothy Kitz
Wednesday August 21: 6:00-9:00pm
Beginning through advanced painters are invited to join BAC instructor Timothy Kitz in creating a serene harbor watercolor painting.

This workshop is designed to unravel the secrets of plein air painting techniques but in a studio setting. Participants will learn the power of gradient washes and the skills necessary to depict boats and the effects of water reflections.

Experienced watercolorists with equipment and materials are encouraged to bring them, otherwise equipment and materials will be supplied for those unable to provide their own.

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Uninstructed Life Drawing
Every Tuesday and Wednesday from 2-5pm when classes are in session
Twice weekly, the Brentwood Art Center provides a model for an uninstructed workshop. Wednesdays feature 3 hour poses (to allow for oil painting) and Tuesdays are short, 20 minute poses. Students must bring their own supplies to uninstructed workshops.
Please call to reserve your spot at (310) 451-5657.

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