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All instructed workshops include supplies in the registration fee, unless otherwise noted.

Artist Masterclasses are free but attendees must reserve their seat online.

Uninstructed workshops are $15 per session and students must bring their own supplies.

Enroll online on our registration page or by calling us at (310) 451-5657!



December 1 – Painting with Stencils

December 4 – Artist Masterclass: Juliacks

December 5 – Narrative Illustration: Little Red Riding Hood


Tuesdays & Wednesdays – Uninstructed Figure Workshops

Painting with Stencils
Melissa Dyanne
Saturday December 1: 2:00-5:00pm
Learn to create original stencils in order to make patterns or enhance sharp edges in your artwork. Students will go step by step through the stencil making process, starting with source images (provided), tracing, cutting and pushing paint through the final stenciled image. Emphasis will be placed on materials and proper technique for clean images and long lasting stencils.

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Artist Masterclass: Juliacks
Tuesday December 4: 7:00-9:00pm
Free with online RSVP
Following a presentation of Juliacks’ most recent projects, workshop participants will do a variety of trans-media art exercises, using their body, drawing, painting and writing to uncover meaning with symbols, storytelling, fantasy, and their subconscious.

Juliacks works with the material of analog trans-media fiction through comics, film, performance-installations, theater, paintings and tapestries.

A recipient of the Fulbright Fellowship, and the ENSBA-Lyon, Néon, LA BOX, De Ateliers residencies and grants, Juliacks received a 2016 Fellowship for Painting from the New Jersey State Council on the Arts and a 2017 Mondrian project investment grant for her ongoing project, Transversal Scepters.

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Narrative Illustration: Little Red Riding Hood
Kira Lynn Cain
Wednesday December 5: 6:00-9:00pm
Beginning with some fun, easy exercises designed to release creativity and open the channels of your mind, you’ll learn a simple approach to narrative illustration with a clearly defined set of criteria. For this workshop, we will break down a short excerpt from Little Red Riding Hood and create a line drawing illustration which adds richness, energy, and drama to the narrative.

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Uninstructed Life Drawing
Every Tuesday and Wednesday from 2-5pm when classes are in session
Twice weekly, the Brentwood Art Center provides a model for an uninstructed workshop. Wednesdays feature 3 hour poses (to allow for oil painting) and Tuesdays are short, 20 minute poses. Students must bring their own supplies to uninstructed workshops.
Please call to reserve your spot at (310) 451-5657.

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