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Teen Summer Art Camps

June 17 – August 16

*No camp on July 4 or 5

For kids 12 years and younger, please see: Summer Art Camps

These week-long fine art camps for teens will spark students’ creativity and imagination. Students in these camps will explore a variety of media through projects grounded in artistic movements, techniques, and concepts.

Camp will run from 2pm-5pm every weekday (there is no camp July 4 or 5).

With a different theme or focus each week, students can sign up for any combination of weeks.

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Camp Calendar

6/17 – 6/21:
Explorations in Drawing
Michelle Ohm

Students will learn technical skills with dry and wet mediums such as graphite, charcoal, pastels, erasers, ink and also experiment with unconventional drawing materials such as tape and handmade marking materials. Elements of line, value and composition will be stressed and encouraged to be pushed.


6/24 – 6/28:
Contemporary Craft
Michelle Ohm

Students will explore and create a multitude of art mediums within the realm of craft, such soft sculpture in felt, embroidery on fabric and vintage papers, fabric cyanotypes, a woven wall piece and faux cake sculptures from recycled materials. Contemporary artists who use the same media in their practices will also be discussed; James Welling, Lucy Sparrow, Brooke Sauer, Ana Rodriguez and Tanya Aguiniga.


7/1 – 7/3: Mixed Media:
Processes and Techniques
Austin Conrad

In this course students will learn about the layering of different materials wet and dry (graphite, watercolor, ink, pastel etc.) using unconventional techniques as they learn to work from observation using an elaborate still-life.


7/8 – 7/12:
Explorations in Painting
Yvette Gellis

In this camp students will become versed in painting techniques and concepts. This camp will cover a broad range of subjects including still life, landscape, abstract and portrait.


7/15 – 7/19:
Comic Book
Kate Ingold

In this camp students will make a 5-page comic book collage using found materials and original techniques, like drawing, painting, and 3D sculpture. Who are your characters? What is your plot? Come join us as we tear, cut, glue, draw, paint, and splatter our way toward creating our own comic book universes.


7/22 – 7/26:
Painting with Circuits
Brandon Barr

In this camp, science and art come together to create works of art that literally light up! Students will make a variety of paintings and sculptures that incorporate LED lights.


7/29 – 8/2:

In this camp students will create functional and sculptural pieces out of clay. Students will develop basic hand building and potter’s wheel skills. Emphasis will be placed on surface decoration by creating textures and working with underglazes. Students of all levels are welcome!


8/5- 8/9:
Printmaking & Collage
Kate Savage

In this camp, students will get to explore the many expressive possibilities of printmaking and collage, with opportunities to combine both approaches. Printmaking projects will include foam prints, lino cuts and collagraphs. Collage techniques will include transfer and hand-painted papers for use in artworks that explore each student’s identity and interests.


8/12 – 8/16:
Inspired by the Masters
Kate Savage

Students will be using the artwork of such artists as the Surrealists, Vermeer, Van Gogh, and Georgia O’Keefe as springboards for their own creativity. With an emphasis on observational drawing and painting, each project will focus on learning the skills needed to tackle classical subject matter such as perspective, portraiture and natural objects. Materials to be explored will include acrylic and watercolor painting, charcoal, and pastels.