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Ashton Allen
“place of, snowflake, welt”
canvas, starch, cellophane
72 x 40 x 10
Ashton Allen was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, and currently lives and works in Los Angeles. She received her BA from UCLA. in 2010 and her MFA from Otis College of Art and Design in June of 2016. She has extensively studied painting, art theory, women’s studies and art history. She was awarded a scholarship to the Otis College of Art and Design, was an AICAD Teaching Fellowship Nominee and is on the UCLA Dean’s Honors List. She’s exhibited through out Los Angeles at Depart Foundation, Blue Roof Studios, Elephant, The Bolsky and more; along with site specific shows curated by John Wolf, Deb Klowden Mann, Chris McCall and Bettina Hubby. She began working in the Los Angeles art scene in 2010; managing Klowden Mann gallery, directing and curating the Angel Art Auction, project managing The Human Condition exhibition and much more. She has taught studio and critique classes at Otis and Art Center.
Ashton’s artwork investigates symbols of femininity while engaging and challenging the history of painting. The pieces subtly hover over craft, kitsch and the decorative, yet are approached with formal depth and reverence. Her practice is a continual exploration of material– forcing an understanding through manipulation, pushing each element beyond itself, while crossing boundaries and asking questions. Materials such as glitter and mylar are used to create a sense of attraction and distancing simultaneously; illusions of flatness combined with tactile qualities create optical interventions at every viewing distance.