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Lisa Feintech

Board Member

Lisa is an enthusiastic mother, dog lover, artist, writer, quilter, baker, hiker and redwood lover. Her curiosity finds adventure everywhere, and most recently as a member of the Board of The Brentwood art Center.

As a UCLA trained physician, she has been on staff at Cedars Sinai Hospital, UCLA/Harbor and participated in numerous surgical missions to Peru and Guatemala. She currently volunteers at Homeboy Industries where she removes tattoos to enhance life experience and job eligibility for people seeking to change their lives. She has been a volunteer teacher of English as a Second Language at MEND and holds an M.F.A. from Antioch in Creative Writing.

Lisa has served on the boards of Design For Sharing, Liberty Building Company, and The AnonyMoose Foundation and numerous private foundations. She has been a member of the management teams of Everychild and Cedars Sinai Anesthesia Department.

Both she and her children began taking classes at the Brentwood Art Center before the millennium and she considers the school her place of meditation and creative exploration. She sees the Center as a valuable community resource which attracts people seeking creative kinship during times of change or crisis as well as those seeking to add color to their life, literally. BAC’s dedication to equality and non-discrimination, and its determination to serve local Veterans, provide scholarships and create opportunities for community gathering through its many sponsored free-to-the-public offerings make her proud to serve as a Board member.

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