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MFA Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts; BFA University of Washington

Melissa Dyanne creates work that revolves around the concepts of time, memory, sense of self, place and fantasy.

Many of her narratives stem from everyday life fused with how she imagines situations, places and people to be or how she remembers them. She allows media to help “complete the story” when she works, since painting and drawing has always been a very immediate and open process for her. She also uses a variety of tools, from oil paint, acrylic and spray paint to mixed media collage, sculpture and film. She tends to look for what the art work needs, and completes it based on that information. The ability to deconstruct and rediscover each piece is also very important to Melissa since it enhances the “memory” of the work itself.

She has exhibited in multiple galleries and cultural institutions across the United States including; Bronx Art Space, Bronx, NY; Thompkins Projects, Brooklyn, NY; Dan Graham Gallery, Los Angeles; JAG Fine Art, Philadelphia, PA; Fowler Arts, Brooklyn, NY; Calico, Brooklyn, NY; Roos Arts, Rosendale, NY; Camden County College, Camden, NJ; Helen S. Smith Gallery, Seattle, WA; Kirkland Arts Center, Kirkland, WA; and the Gage Academy, Seattle, WA. She has also had her work featured in the film Explicit Ills (dir. Mark Webber, prod. Jim Jarmusch), and has done digital backgrounds, storyboards and illustrated children’s books.


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