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Each semester the Brentwood Art Center offers fine art workshops and mini-series for all levels.

All instructed workshops include supplies in the registration fee, unless otherwise noted.

Artist Masterclasses are free but attendees must reserve their seat online.

Uninstructed workshops are $15 per session and students must bring their own supplies.

Enroll online on our registration page or by calling us at (310) 451-5657!

The Portrait: Techniques of the Masters*

Instructor: Hayley Quentin
March 2 – March 11, Monday/Wednesday (4 meeetings)
2:30-5:30 PM, $275

*Students must provide their own materials and have drawing and painting experience for The Portrait workshop. Live model every session.

This four part portraiture workshop will explore one of the oldest painting techniques: Glazing and Veiling (using multiple thin layers of paint to create a completed work). The process will include underdrawing, underpainting, and two layers of overpainting. This technique creates a smooth, luminous finished painting. Students will work from a live model each class. Prerequisite: painting and drawing experience.

Day 1: Students will review facial proportion and structural drawing techniques of the head. Working from a live model students will create several drawing studies as well as their final, completed underdrawing onto their canvas.

Day 2: Students will follow in a long tradition of artists and create a burnt umber underpainting as their first layer. Using the correct brushes, applications, and mediums with their paint, students will separate color and pure value for this layer.

Day 3: First layer of overpainting! Color mixing, including the differences between color theory and actual paint pigment mixing will be reviewed. Students will learn a “fat over lean” technique (oil painters) as well as how to achieve the correct consistency to maintain smoothness and luminosity in their paintings.

Day 4: Final layer of overpainting. Students will add their finishing touches to their portrait paintings, including learning how to make a color correcting glaze, compensating for inaccurate color temperature, as well as additional dry brush techniques. Voila! Your masterpiece is complete.

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FREE WITH RSVP: Ceramist David Hicks Artist Talk & Demo: The Fluency of the Hand

Saturday, March 14
3:30-6:30 PM, FREE W/ RSVP

Join artist David Hicks for a demonstration and conversation about making and the vocabulary of touch and process. His processes explore the fluency of the hand- the natural desire to touch and play with clay. The demonstration will cover both techniques and and philosophy of making art with clay. Hicks’ work is both a reaction to his physical location in central California as well as the visual influences of agriculture and organic forms of nature. Hicks’ work can be found in numerous public and private collections in the US as well as internationally. More information about Hicks can be found at his web site (dh-studio.com) and on social media at David Hicks Studio on Instagram.



British Masters: Turner

Instructor: Jill Douglas
Friday, March 20
10 AM-1 PM, $70

In this workshop students use the work of William Turner as a jumping off point to create their own acrylic painting.

Way ahead of his time, Turner moved away from the highly idealized landscapes that were the expected norm of the period. He took classical genres and scenes and infused them with a new dynamic in painting. He developed painterly effects to render perceptions from closely observed nature, resulting in swirling clouds of varied light and bold arrays of color dabbed in oil.

His later work especially, developed a very abstract approach to his subject which was very much about feeling and light that would lead eventually lead to impressionism and abstract expressionism.

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How to Paint Snow in Pastels

Instructor: Sophia Pezeshk
Saturday, March 21
2-5 PM, $70

In this step-by-step workshop you will closely study the importance of value to evoke the crisp, clean look and feel of a snowy landscape.

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Collage: Small Works

Instructor: Hillar Kaplan-New
Wednesday, March 25
6-9 PM, $70

Cut, Paste, Play… not necessarily in that order!

This workshop will immerse you in a fun and experimental 5″ x 7″ world where we will explore the development of a series of manageable, unique collage compositions. Save to bring your photographs, sketches and found ephemera to remember and reimagine.

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British Masters: Constable

Instructor: Jill Douglas
Friday, March 27
10 AM-1 PM, $70

Students will use the work of John Constable as a jumping off point to create their own acrylic paintings inspired by the artist.

Along with J.M.W Turner, Constable revolutionized landscape painting of the 19th century

He experimented with a freer more spontaneous style to depict his landscapes. Constable abandoned the traditional invisible brushstrokes and instead applied paint in a range of ways including using a palette knife to give his canvases a textured and imperfect finish.

He is particularly known for his unique addition of pure white highlights which served to represent the sparkle of light on water and his large open skies.

He was a precursor and a huge influence on the Impressionists who were to come thirty years later.

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British Masters: Hockney

Instructor: Jill Douglas
Friday, April 3
10 AM-1 PM, $70

Students will use the work of David Hockney as a jumping off point to create their own acrylic paintings.

An iconoclast obsessed with the Old Masters and Cubism, this British Pop artist breaks every rule deliberately, delighting in the deconstruction of proportion, linear perspective, and color theory which he celebrates using bright greens, blues, purples, pinks, and yellows.

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FREE WITH RSVP: Raising Connected, Happy, Successful Kids Through Art

Presented by UCLArts & Healing
Saturday, April 4
2:30-4 PM

Learn simple and practical art therapy-based tools to help children and teens understand and express their emotions, communicate nonverbally when words aren’t working, build connections with others, develop problem-solving skills, and much more. Engage in hands-on art activities to inspire the development of novel ideas for addressing challenging behaviors at home or in therapeutic settings. This workshop is for anyone with a child in their life, personally or professionally. It is intended for adults only.

This workshop is based on The Innovative Parent: Raising Connected, Happy, Successful Kids through Art, (Ohio University/Swallow Press), the 2019 National Parenting Products Association award-winning book by art therapist Erica Curtis, LMFT, ATR-BC and Ping Ho, MA, MPH, Founder & Director of UCLArts & Healing. The book will be available for purchase at the workshop for $20. And attendees can enter a raffle to receive a free book!

The program is designed to offer creative tools for:

Redirecting and shifting energy in children
Getting attention without having to use one’s voice
Establishing boundaries and engaging cooperation playfully
Communicating nonverbally, when words aren’t working
Supporting emotional safety and academic effort with non-judgmental language
Responding to difficult emotions or traumatic stress reactions
Facilitating interpersonal problem solving and decision making
Building self-care into daily life



British Masters: Hodgkin

Instructor: Jill Douglas
Friday, April 10
10 AM-1 PM, $70

Students will use the work of Howard Hodgkin as a jumping off point to create their own acrylic painting.

A contemporary of Hockney, Hodgkin was a luminary of twentieth-century British abstract painting. His dense, visible brushstrokes were rendered in a bright palette emphasizing his personal expression through paint. Each painting provides a sense of how the artist viewed each scene, through his eyes, mind, and heart. Hodgkin’s abstract compositions were suggesting, if only for a second, a sunset, an interior, or a city-scene using bold, rectangular panels of near-luminous color. One of Hodgkin’s most distinctive formal effects was the incorporation of a painted frame into the picture-space, becoming a self-contained object in the world rather than – or as well as – a portal into an imaginative space.

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Dreamy Flowers in Pastel

Instructor: Sophia Pezeshk
Saturday, April 11
2 PM-5 PM, $70

In this step-by-step workshop create abstracted flowers as you learn the importance of value over color to manipulate the mood and feeling of a pastel painting.

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Your iPad as a Digital Sketchbook

Instructor: Melissa Dyanne
Friday, April 17
10 AM-1 PM, $60

With the new surge in digital art technology, the iPad is wonderfully suited to be a “one-stop-shop” for drawing and painting. Free apps such as the Camera, iPhoto and Sketchbook allow you to lay out and finish a composition with any tool you desire, while everything can be stored on one device with no messy clean up.

This workshop will take you through the basics of using your iPad as a Digital Sketchbook. All students will need an iPad and the Sketchbook app (free in the apple store). An iPencil is extremely helpful but not required. Each student will draw or paint a still-life using the Camera and Sketchbook scanner, learn the interface and tools in the Sketchbook app as well as how to import images and sketches that can enhance the final piece.

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Collage: Landscapes

Instructor: Hillar Kaplan-New
Wednesday, April 22
6-9 PM, $70

Come expand your “Horizon Line” and learn how to reinterpret the Landscape through the use of diverse, creative & fun Collage techniques. Explore the many processes for building a landscape as you learn the role of seeing, and how to make a 2D surface plane into a 3D space by incorporating unlimited materials (misc papers, acrylic paint, colored pencils, oil pastels, etc.) to create an imaginative Collage.

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Uninstructed Figure Workshop

Tuesdays & Wednesdays, 2-5 PM
$15 drop-in

A model is scheduled twice a week for these uninstructed figure drawing workshops. Students must bring their own supplies. Short poses are on Tuesdays and long poses are on Wednesdays.